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Recently I've been swamped with school applications, and what jobs I'm gonna take, and getting a license...  It all kinda crushed me at the same time, and I haven't been getting a lotta help from anybody to get these things done.  So I randomly thought of an easy way to describe it, wrote it down, added imagery, aaand... yeah.  A lot of you guys can probably relate.  No watermark for this one, I didn't wanna ruin it for you guys :P  You can totally have it.
If you see anybody else claiming it's theirs, it's not >.>
My QONQR OC, whiiich basically means me, with a Faceless bandana.  Read on!

So there's this really cool mobile game I've been playing recently called QONQR(pronounced 'conquer'), owned and developed by QONQR, llc.  I don't claim to own the game, the logo, or the name, only the image above.

- Lore -
QONQR is the world's first sentient AI, spawned from an unknown source.
Three different factions have developed in conflict over what QONQR is.  The Legion, the Swarm, and the Faceless(that's me! :D)
The Legion have grown from the NSA and want to destroy QONQR before it can grow into am uncontrollable entity.
The Swarm see QONQR as a godsend and want to protect it, convinced it will accelerate humanity's progression into the future.
The Faceless want to tame QONQR and manipulate it as a tool.
As a hacker working in any of these three organizations, you capture zones for your factions and butt heads for dominance.
There are canon comics based on the game, along with it's rising fanbase, to offer more details.

- Gameplay -
QONQR is a reality augment.  It uses GPS locations as battlegrounds(or zones) for players to fight over using cyber attacks in the form of nanobots.
If your faction has more bots in a zone than the other factions, the zone is captured by your faction.
Personal messaging, overheating, upgrades and several different kinds of cyber attacks make the game a strategic warzone.
Overheating prevents players from binge-playing, and turns the game into a nice backseat pasttime.

- Links! -
QONQR website >
QONQR blog >
QONQR web portal >
QONQR wiki >…
QONQR live world map >
QONQR comics >…
QONQR's comic artist! >

Give these guys a whole buncha credit because they totally deserve it! ^u^
I learned a new way to draw doodles and this one went a li'l too far >w<
Thomas is my favorite character in a roleplaying saga, and I decided that I needed to draw her.  It would've been a nicer pic, but she doesn't have a very bright story '^'
Also, my stylus' tip is kinda broken and it makes it really hard to write well ;~;
Everything Is Blue - Halsey Tribute
I didn't wanna put too much time into it, but I've been kinda obsessed with a song by Halsey called Colors, so...
I also wanna emphasize that I don't own anything relating to Halsey, with the exception of this specific picture.


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